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Let's invest together! My vision is to collaborate with people like you to accomplish our mutual goal of growing our crypto assets. One of the biggest benefits of having a VIP Membership to the Bitfolio Academy Coaching Community is on-demand access to all of my Sunday webinars, with a new class released each week.

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Classes Available On-Demand

  • Four reasons why Ethereum is sound money!
  • Four reasons why SOL and Solana will survive!
  • Four reasons why I am bullish on Polygon and MATIC!
  • Five reasons why I am bullish on Binance and BNB!
  • Is XRP or Stablecoins the future of payments?
  • Three reasons why the Bitcoin bottom is in (or nearly in).
  • Five reasons why Bitcoin & Ethereum are your best crypto investments.

All Access to Sunday Classes

With a VIP membership you'll get access to all of my Sunday classes with a new class released each week.

Live Master Class

I host a live master class on the first of every month over zoom. In this live master class, you'll be able to ask me anything. There are no dumb questions.

VIP Forums

Every Monday, I monitor the “Ask Me Anything” forum, and respond to your questions.

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